Sophia : controversy about a Cicom invitation

Posté ven 22/12/2000 - 00:00
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The Sophia Antipolis Foundation and Méditerrannée Technologies didn't appreciated being presented as Cicom Organisation's partners in the European project 'Highest'.

The Sophia Antipolis Foundation and Méditerranée Technologies did not really appreciated the letter of invitation entitled 'Highest, Sophia Antipolis' that Cicom Organisation has sent to announce a ' friendship drink' on Thursday December 21st 2000 in the former premises of Dow Corning renamed Antipolis 1. The letter dealt with a party which happens ' to celebrate the signing of partnership conventions between Cicom Organisation, the Sophia Antipolis Foundation, Mediterranée Technologies and the CERAM'(see the article ' 'Cicom Organisation doesn't throw in the sponge').Thus, the Foundation has specified that there was no such thing as partnership but subcontracting for the European project 'Highest the nest'that Cicom Organisation carried off last September as the Cicom managed the CICA. Moreover, Méditerranée Technologies (the former Route des Hautes Technologies) and the Foundation, which had started as Cicom's partners a year ago, had left the project as subcontractors with, combined, 20% of the shares in a eighteen months project which amount was close to one million euro.Méditerranée Technologies was on the same point of view. ' We aren't dissociating,'Michel Quéré, responsible for the branch in Sophia Antipolis, says. But there are disappointing confusions. Firstly, we are working as subcontractors. Then, this convention was signed and celebrated in September, it is under way and I don't understand why a second celebration is necessary. Last point, last month we have notified that both Daniel Pardo, director of Méditerranée Technologies, and I were not available on December 21st but they still announce that Daniel Pardo will be present. I really wanted to insist on such realities.

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