Sophia: Denis Chambrier is launching Turner Services France

Posté mer 31/10/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Co-manager at CICOM Organisation, Denis Chambrier, who was also working at Cofathec group (a subsidiary of Gaz de France), has just left the latter to launch at Sophia Antipolis Turner Services France, Turner's French subsidiary. Turner is a large English group, which head office is located in Glasgow. Its subsidiary, Turner Services, was created to offer global management solutions for real estate property and management facilities in Europe. Besides CICOM, Denis Chambrier aims at organising a new company to sell services to companies.Concerning Denis Chambrier, he was a member of the managing team within the CICA at Sophia Antipolis. The team was fired from the CICA after a controversial call for tenders and terminated by Nice administrative court. Carillion Services, specialised in the facilities management and subsidiary of an English group was chosen.

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