Sophia: Ericsson?s employees were recruited by SAP

Posté mer 24/10/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

One of the strengths of Sophia Antipolis lays in the vitality of its economic activity. Thus, when a high tech company closes or leaves the science park, many of its collaborators prefers to stay on the French Riviera and transfer the benefits of their competencies to companies which establish or develop. The closure of Digital, at the beginning of the 90s or a few years later, the rise of VLSI have both given some examples. A new recent example: Blue Soft, the subsidiary of the Swedish group, Ericsson, has closed its establishment in Sophia about two months ago. Its seven employees have immediately been recruited by the German SAP. The worldwide leader of the “package”, which has just established in new premises in Mougins and is growing in power on the science park, was delighted to find collaborators on the site who were immediately operational.

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