Sophia : Expectra and the high tech interim

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The European network for recruitment and availability of experts has opened an agency specialized in information technologies.

On the science park of Sophia Antipolis, the interim companies deal with high tech employment. A bit more than a year ago, the Dutch Randstad had set up its high tech tertiary division in the building Le Thélème, route des Dolines. This is the technologic market which “expectra” chose, a European recruitment and availability network of experts, when opening an agency avenue Cacquot, on September 1st 2000. This agency (three people) managed by Anne Billaud represents the Information Technology network of the group (Information, networks, telecommunication, NTIC). It gathers about twenty experts for the moment.However, before the end of the year 2001, Alain Chopin, in charge of expectra for the great South-East, plans to open another network on the science park: a management network (Finance, Accountancy, Law, Human Resources, Insurance and top executives in all the sectors of the industry and service).Launched in Europe in January 2000, expectra France merged in September 2000, under the name “expectra”, gathering four of its specialized subsidiaries (OCI, Soprate, Technology et Performance and Unitech). Focusing on very demanded sectors and positions, “expectra” offers to companies validated competences of specialists in three sectors: industrial engineering (Business co-ordination, Study/Conception, Process, Industrialization), Information Technologies and Management. Expectra has 43 offices in France from which four are located in the PACA region (one in Sophia, two in Marseille, two in Aix-en-Provence).ContactAnne Billaud, Manager, and Christine Bocle, in charge of recruitmentTel : 04 92 96 26 20; e-mail : sophia@expectra.frWebsite :

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