Sophia: hello to Thales Underwater Systems

Posté mar 09/10/2001 - 00:00
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Thomson Marconi Sonar changes his name after Thales has bought up shares of BAE Systems. The company, set up in the research park, is integrated in Thales’ defence pole.

Thomson Marconi Sonar becomes Tahles Underwater Systems. As well, TMS premises in Sophia Antipolis take this new name (more than 200 people in the research park). This change results from the acquisition by Thales (former Thomson) of the 49.9% owned by BAE Systems in TMS. Thus, Thales becomes the single shareholder of the company. “This acquisition corresponds to the multidomestic strategy of Thales: Thales Underwater Systems has indeed a strong industrial presence and solid relations with its local customers in France, in the United-Kingdom and in Australia, with a strong export position, it is said in a press release.Thales Underwater Systems, which benefits from more than 50 years of experience in underwater activities, has become the world leader in this sector. The company is the first exporter of sonars and attached systems for navy and air forces. Its activity grows as well in the sector of civil applications, particularly in oil search.Now, Thales Underwater Systems is integrated in Thales’ Defence pole. Set up in France, in the United-Kingdom and in Australia, the company employs more than 2.500 people in the world and has generated a turnover of 345 million euros in 2000. in the research park, because of activities linked to Defence, TMS has always remained very discreet. The integration in the Defence pole should not make the TUS version more open to the public..

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