Sophia: how France and Germany boost innovation

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Aids to innovation and development structures in France and in Germany ? The A.F.A.S.T. of November 12th will evaluate and select the best practices.

In the framework of an evaluation and a selection of the best services to provide to innovating technologic companies, the Sophia Antipolis Foundation and the French-German association for sciences and technologies (A.F.A.S.T.) are organising a exchanges and debates day on the theme: “innovation and partnership structures in France and in Germany”.This colloquium will take place at the Novotel Hotel of Sophia Antipolis next November 12th, 8.30 am. The speeches will allow people to list the private and public innovation aid measures that exist in both countries and to learn from the various experiences in these areas, in France and in Germany. The debate will deal with the best practices in order to try to set up an adapted and efficient model.The audience will be composed of companies and start-ups, financial structures (capital-ventures, business angels, investors), organisations supporting development, incubator managers, consultants, research and university centers from both countries. Famous contributors will be also gathered by Pierre laffitte, the president of both Sophia Antipolis Foundation and A.F.S.A.T..The most famous ones will be Rudolf Haggenmuller, the president of the Fast (Munich); Philippe Jurgensen, the president of the Anvar (Paris); Laurent Kott, the Director of Inria Tansfert (Paris); Jens Hoffmann, the Director of Berlin Startup; Werner Sommer, the Director of SAP, Sophia; Dominique Pouliquen, the president of Realviz, etc.ContactRoselyne Koskas: 04 92 96 78 00 (e-mail:

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