Sophia: innovating architecture in colloquium

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New materials, new accommodation forms: the Sophia Antipolis Foundation launches reflection on Friday during the first meetings on innovating architecture.

June 29th 2001, the Sophi Antipolis Foundation, in partnership with the Department of Culture and the mission for reserach and technology, organizes “the First Meetings on Innovating Architecture”. These ones will take place from 9.30 am at the Médiathel hotel, route des Crêtes in Sophia Antipolis.Institutionals, building specialists, architects, urbanists and sociologists will take part in the meeting.The objective is think about relationship between man and his accommodation; architecture is often thought about in terms of innovation, the aim of these meetings is to analyse its consequences on lifestyle. New materials, new technologies and social-economic changes have an effect upon the way we think about accommodations.Thus, through the study of new materials and current or future process, the realisation of links between this new architecture and environment, some solutions could be very useful on the long run. See the full program of the day with contributors and themes which will be tackled.ContactIsabelle SABAH; Tel: 04 92 96 78 03; Fax: 04 93 65 44 01; E-mail:

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