Sophia: ISDNet bought out by Cable & Wireless

Posté mar 17/04/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

ISDNet, Internet Service Provider (ISP) was bought out by Cable & Wireless. The telecom operator took out eleven ISP at the same time in nine countries of continental Europe for 1 billion euros. Second Internet French provider after France Telecom, ISDNet is the only French ISP among them. Managed by Jean-Luc Nahon, this company not very well known by the general public (it is specialized in bulk sales) is strongly implanted in Sophia Antipolis at the World Trade Centre. It is one of the only French, with the historic operator, which has a backbone serving about fifty cities. Besides, the company hosts a few important French websites (Multimania) and sales out bandwidth to many ISP such as Mageos, Club-Internet, World Net, Liberty surf, etc.Subsidiary of the software company Softway, ISDNet plans to make 18.3 million euros for the period which ends in June 2000 (more than 118%) and accounts for nearly one hundred employees.

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