Sophia: a new partnership for Quescom

Posté mer 29/08/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Quescom, the company of Sophia, specialized in technologies of voices on the Internet, is developing its partnerships. After the agreements signed with Sonus Networks, American provider of voice infrastructures for the public network, and then, more recently, with Dynamicsoft, for a development of its range of products and services, it announced a new partnership. The company has signed with Resonate this time, a specialist of Active Level Management Service solutions for e-business applications.It is, as noted in a press release “one of the main solution providers of Active Level Management Service, software solutions which allow to pilot and guarantee performances and the availability of applications, using Internet technologies. The “Solutions” partnership of Resonate includes the best solutions on the market, in order to allow their partners who use Internet technologies to set up ultramodern and reliable services and applications. Resonate Central DispatchTM is a software for the distribution of load balancing, allowing to spread the traffic on different machines, taking into account different parameters (CPU load balancing, opened connections).”

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