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Data warehouse, Data mining, Data web, Business Intelligence, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) : at the Data Base Forum of January 26th, the technologies which revolutionize the electronic business.

'Data warehouse, Data mining, Data web, Business Intelligence, CRM (Customer Relationship Management)': here are the words to remember, because they describe the technologies that revolutionize the way to do business on-line. At the moment the tools for the e-business experience an amazing development. They are divided in several families : data warehouse, giant databases in which customer profiles are stocked; software tools of marketing intelligence and customer profiling; software that allow to find and use stocked information; software in charge of Customer Relationship Management (the CRM, very famous today).The rise in popularity of these new tools of the electronic business should be one of the strong tendency of year 2001. This is also the theme chosen by the DBF, Data Base Forum, for its first session of the year that will take place on January 26th 2001, 8.30 am, in the Grand Amphi of the CERAM in Sophia Antipolis (rue Dostoïevski). Through use examples given by famous contributors, it will be possible to have a more precise idea on these new business technologies and the way to use them.What is the latest progress in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that is already used by the greatest groups such as L'Oréal, Mc Cann, etc. ? What can the business Data warehouse bring ? How can we better define target customer ? What are the sources of potential unexploited incomes in your own databases ? What are the strategies of great groups concerning 'data mining' ? Users will come to answer these questions. The session will end with a strategic round-table on software for decision making assistance around offers in this industry by the three greatest publishers in the world (IBM, Oracle and Microsoft).Here is the programme in detail.The programme-8.30 : Reception-8.45 : Presentation by Michel Operto, vice-president of Data Base Forum-9.00 : Customer interviews-Creation of a CRM branch of a communication group : how and why ? : by a McCANN Communications Europe ( Warehouse marketing and business : the experience France Telecom Longue Distance : François de Longeaux, the consultancy pole manager at Informatica Partners ('Optimizing the way to define target customers : creation of a Data Warehouse' with Albert Brummer, project manager at Theramex, Sylvie Casabianca, field survey manager at Theramex, Didier Giana, decision Engineer at Homsys ( and : strategic round-table with IBM, Microsoft and Oracle on the 'databases of decision-making computer'. The contributors will be Frantz de Rycke, EMEA West Region Data Management Market Manager at IBM (; Pascal Rawsin, (Oracle 9i and decision-making services) Oracle Internet Databases Marketing Manager (; Hervé Kauffmann, Informatica Partners operation manager ( Agnès Daems : Tél/Fax : 04 92 94 59 41; e-mail : Web site : /"> Data Base Forum address : Les Algorithmes – Aristote A – 2000 route des Lucioles – BP 29 -06901 Sophia-Antipolis

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