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Taking up the British Interim Management scheme, Vistaprint’s co-founder launches CEO Europe in order to set up teams of managers at the high tech start-up’s disposal.

Patrick Mataix is rising. At the beginning of the year,, the start-up he had co-founded, was closing its establishment at Sophia to refocus on the United States. It is the end of an adventure for Patrick Mataix who had fought for five years at the head of this start-up, specialized in long distance printing.Flexibility and rapidityHe had successively undertaken three acquisitions (UK, US and Germany), two restructuring processes, three geographical developments, a change from a traditional method to an Internet model, three fund raisings for a total amount worth 100 million francs. He also carried out the launching of the website in the USA in 2000. Thus, he got a good work experience.He will make good use of this experience for a new adventure. Aged 37, this former employee at Olivetti and then BT, graduate of a MBA at the INSEAD, comes back at Sophia with a new concept and a new company. CEO Europe, where he is… the CEO, aims at offering a real management tool to European high tech start-ups. “By experiencing the high development of the Interim Management in Great Britain (20% growth a year for five years), and then facing flexibility and rapidity problems during my work experience, I have decided to create CEO Europe in France, he explained today.A new work conceptionWhat is the main idea ? Patrick Mataix considers that the Interim Management is the tool which will change the companies’ working methods. Coming from the united States but created in Great Britain in the 80s, the Interim Management is a “just in time” model of human resources within the company. It particularly allows to make a strategic audit of the situation for a board of directors, a manager, a capital venturer or capital developer, while offering the flexibility to be operational for the customer in a few days and on several months (three to nine months). The aim is to concretely set up a strategy elaborated with the board of directors or the manager (according to the type of mission).At the same time, CEO Europe is thinking of a cultural change in France, in terms of carrier management for executive managers. It should allow a new way of working. According to this conception, the interim CEO doesn’t consider the carrier perspectives as a priority anymore within the same company but privileges experience, personal fulfilment, and its carrier evolution through several missions and to take up new challenges. The operational management of the company and the ability for decision-making together with the operational establishment of its planned actions, thus become a real personal challenge for him. The Interim Management thus give him the occasion to see things differently.A management offer by interimCEO Europe thus offers a staff able to make a quick integration within a company. They have the necessary flexibility to solve a problem in emergency, take an opportunity or develop a need of transition and change. The company also aims at answering growing needs of private equity funds in terms of management of their participations. With their suggestions, the company has created a management offer by interim by the way.Patrick Mataix announces that these “management commandos” are all company managers/entrepreneurs confirmed in Europe and/or the United States in high tech. This experience will change the face of set patterns for sure. To be continued…

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