Sophia: representatives of the digital British TV come for a visit

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A delegation of eleven leader companies in the sector of digital television and multimedia is looking for partnerships with companies of the French Riviera.

A superb panel of British companies in the sector of digital television and multimedia! Under the management of Ian Davies, consul general of Great Britain, eleven companies will come on Thursday October 12th 2000 at the CICA (International Centre of Advanced Communication) in order to meet the French Riviera companies and to set up partnerships. They will be received at 9.00 AM by Alain André, manager of the C.I.Com organization and will then visit the park. A lunch will take place at the CICA at 12.00 AM and a cocktail is organized at 5.30 PM for a meeting with the French Riviera managers who are interested.During its stay that will last until Friday morning, the English delegation will visit many research laboratories, Institute and companies of Sophia which are so many experimentation places for the new audiovisual technologies: INRIA, Eurecom, Castify, Realviz, Dust, Mediasynthèse, Sea Change.Here is the list of the British companies.- BT Openworld:young subsidiary of British Telecom specialized in on-line services for the general public.- Channel 4 Television:one of the most innovative British broadcasting.- Digital TV Group:it represents about a hundred companies working in the sector of digital television and covering its overall, from broadcasting to designer of chips including the design studios.- Dera: Defense Evaluation and Research Agency, a very active agency, of course in the sector of military technologies and systems, but also in telecommunications, e-commerce, telemedicine and transports.- Incline Media:agency dedicated to interactive advertising and the creation of innovative contents on wideband.- New Media Knowledge:the delegation's sponsor. Its members can be mainly found in the new media sector.- Oyster Partners:company of digital design, including services in strategy, creation and technology.- Pearson TV:audiovisual producer with some 160 programmes currently in production through 35 countries worldwide.- Manchester Met Uni- Victoria Real:it is the biggest English producer of interactive television. It also provides e-commerce solutions.- Workhouse:the 'new media' branch of Zenith Entertainment.Information and contactsFor more information, please contact Francine L. Gittins at or tel : 04 92 94 20 00

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