Sophia: restructuring and men at BPI

Posté jeu 19/10/2000 - 00:00
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BPI, which is the leading company in Europe in the field of operational advice dedicated to changing behavior, will organize on Tuesday Oct.24 at 5:30 pm, in its Sophia Antipolis premises, a thematic meeting to celebrate the publishing of the book the firm wrote 'Restructuring and men', at Dunot's editions; the book was written in association with BPI researchers and advisers. A real guide which proposes multiples tricks, analyses trends and accompaniment methods implemented throughout Europe. The two authors are Olivier Labarre, manager of the section 'engineering, social strategy and communication', from BPI and Jean-Luc Minette, former Smithkline Beecham Europe CEO, will take a part in the meeting.Contacts:BPI, 1360 rte des Dolines, Les Cardoulines 8506 560 Sophia AntipolisTel.: 04 92 96 96 96; Fax: 04 92 96 04 01e-mail:; web site:

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