Sophia : the revolution of free software

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The Foundation of Sophia Antipolis organizes a colloquium on January 19th on the use and development of free software. Famous contributors and convincing examples.

Three cheers for free software. It is free and particularly of a high performance at the same time. The senator Pierre Laffite at the Senate praised on Linux and the revolution of free software. In this way, the Foundation of Sophia Antipolis organizes on January 19th 2001 at 9 AM a colloquium on the subject 'Use and Development of Free Software' at the European Heart House of Sophia Antipolis. This colloquium will gather experts of the public and private sector to review the situation on specific and diversified applications of the free software and on the advances of Linux's operating system in companies and administrations. The matters like user-friendliness, training, etc, which are unresolved at the moment, will also be dealt with.What are the advantages of free software and Linux? As well as free, it offers a guarantee of security and stability of applications and the free availability of software's source codes. The different contributors (see the programme of the day) will be devoted to answer the questions of companies, local authorities and administrations. How can we integrate Linux to the present one? What durability and evolution can we expect? What are the technical, legal and financial aspects of this choice?Several experiences will be introduced : the case of a British insurance company which installed 250 Linux servers; the free Extranet portal of the SIT in the Bas-Rhin, the display of Linux for the Intranet of the Ministry for the Arts; the Net-strategy of Star Office; the implication of IBM in free software; the e-business represented by the German company Vshop, etc… The revolution of free software is on the move and the Foundation of Sophia Antipolis introduces the access keys.ContactsFor registration, please contact Catherine MULLER or Corinne PASTOR.Tel:; e-mail : formations@sophia-antipolis.orgContribution : 500 francs.

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