Sophia :SAP has begun the construction of its building

Posté ven 24/11/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

SAP, software world leader, has begun the construction of a building of 3.500 m2 in the Mougins’ area of Sophia Antipoplis, in a place close to the Anglo-american school. The beginnings ceremony occurred in early November, a ceremony Roger Duhalde, Mougins’ mayor and president of the SYMISA, the Sophia Antipolis’ joint union, attended to. Premises should be ready within seven months and they will allow on one hand, the transfer of some 60 SAP employees who already work on the site, in 1.500 m2 (in the Navigator building) and on the other, the extension of activity (SAP Sophia would be composed of hundred people). However that will not be finished yet. SAP plans to come back as a bigger company in the Valbonne area with a 6.000 m2 which, nevertheless, will not be ready before two years. That’s something that will guarantee a long term development on the technopole…

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