Sophia: Schlumberger at Sema Group

Posté mar 24/04/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The buy out of the Franco-British company Sema Group by the Franco-American company Schlumberger produced a considerable effect on the research park where Sema has three hundred collaborators gathered since February 2001 in its new building, Le Millenium, route des Dolines. Thus on Monday April 23rd, representatives of Schlumberger have run an information seminar to explain to employees of Sophia how the integration would be operated. Schlumberger would remain centred on activities related to the petrol and chip cards, whereas Sema Group would continue to run the whole computer sector. However, Sema Group should disappear of the Stock Exchange. Schlumberger, which already owns more than 90% of Sema's capital, following its friendly bid, will launch an issuer bid. The withdrawal and the deregistration of shares will then be required at London, Paris and the Nasdaq.

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