Sophia: SchlumbergerSema cuts down 80 jobs

Posté ven 07/09/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Nobody heard about it during the heat of August: SchlumbergerSema, the new group resulting from the great takeover of the SSII Sema Group by the Schlumberger which happened last February, has lost 80 posts in Sophia Antipolis. This layoff plan is linked to a European reorganisation. SchlumbergerSema which has set up last February in a new building, route des Lucioles, counted around 300 people on the research park. Staffs were divided in three departments: Webtech, which belongs to the telecom branch, Sema Research and Development DTS which works on CRM products (Customer Relationship Management) for telecom operators and Sema Organic, an entity dedicated to the pension fund Organic.The Sema R&D-DTS department has been cancelled in Sophia Antipolis, as the group owns in Germany the LHS company which works on the same business. So, the balance was favourable to the German company. And employees have thus had the possibility to go and work in Germany or to be transferred in another department in Sophia, or to leave. Those who were called to leave the region have often preferred to leave the company and to look for another job. This explains the number of CVs of former Schlumberger’s employees which are now circulating on the research park.

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