Sophia : the 'Second life' according to Pierre Lafitte

Posté ven 16/03/2001 - 00:00
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The 'Créer ma Deuxième Vie' society is going to celebrate spring its own way. It organizes an exceptional meeting on Thursday March 22nd, 6.30 pm, in the Theseus Institute great auditorium around a special guest : Senator Pierre Lafitte. The research park's father will focus on the theme of 'Sophia Antipolis : the Deuxième Vie success ? The success keys for a fifty-year-old ardour'. A very significant example for a society whose aim is to help more than 45-year-old people to have a new look on their professional life and to recover their whole tonus by exercising the activity of their dream.ContactWebsite : /">; registration by mail to : info@deuxièmevie.orgTheseus address : 903 Rue Albert Einstein, Sophia Antipolis (the access map at the /"> theseus.eduaddress).

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