Sophia: SII over the symbolic cap of 200 employees

Posté mar 16/10/2001 - 00:00
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In spite of the economic slow down, the software company agency in Sophia Antipolis, linked to large companies in the region, keeps on growing.

The SII agency in Sophia Antipolis has just recruited its 200th employee. After good results in 2000-2001, with a turnover of more than 80 million francs and 120 recruitments in 12 months, the Sophia Antipolis agency has passed over this symbolic cap. In spite of difficulties in the computer and telecom industry, the agency headed by Thierry Audier has kept on growing regularly for 17 years (the company counted 165 early November 2000, a year ago).The SII company, which has been listed on the stock exchange in the end of 1999, is a software company positioned on the externalised R&D and information systems software development. They started on this site in 1983, after the foundation in 1979, which makes it one of the oldest software companies of the research park. As they have worked for most of the largest companies in the Riviera (IBM, Alcatel, Amadeus, Lucent, etc…), the agency is today, in terms of staffs, the first provincial agency of the group, just after Paris (240 people). The agency is also one the active member of the Telecom Valley.In a press release, SII notes that "in spite of a recent slowdown of the software activity, the SII agency in Sophia intends to reach the growth objectives (a turnover of 104 million francs for 230 people) by the end of the year and thus to remain the main technologic partner of the regional economic situation." Such results and will can reassure those who, in these times, could be doubtful of the resistance of the high tech industry in the Riviera.

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