Sophia : Simulog buys Espri Concept

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The new CESF - (computer engineering services firm), which counts two hundred people and has a 100 million francs turnover - is the French leader in services for technical computering on Internet-Intranet and for simulation.

A new amalgamation occured in the field of Sophia Antipolis CEFSs : Simulog bought Espri Concept thanks to an increase of capital. The new group Simulog counts two hundred specialists who master engineering and computering techniques. Its objective is to reach a 100 million francs turnover for the year 1999 and reckons on a more than 40% growth for the year 2000 and that firm already is the French leader in services for technical computering on Internet-Intranet and for simulation. Its aim : enter the stock exchange in 2001.Two computer engineering specialistsHere is a quick introduction : Simulog counts 130 employees and has a 65 million francs turnover, its has its headoffice in Paris, but it also owns an office in Sophia Antipolis (20 people). Its a services and computer engineering company coming from the INRIA. This firm is a specialist in simulation, and it conceived, for instance,the computer code of the rocket Ariane.Espri Concept is a company that was born in the technopole. It was founded in 1989 by André Labat and several other engineers who were working in subcontracting for Aerospatiale. Espri Concept - 70 people nowadays and a 35 million francs turnover - is famous for its expertise in technical computer science, and more precisely in databasis and systems of technical data management in internet-intranet context. It is the pioneer in the transfers of heavy technical data by the web, for the manufacturing of very complex products such as satellites.Three important elements furthered the moving closer of the two companies : similar clientèle, complementarity in supplies, geographic setting-up. For several years, both firms have supplied the same clients coming from the aerospace circle, defense, car industry, energy circle, and more recently from telecommunication and electronics circles.A CESF which relies on the technopole' We worked several times with Espri Concept, in order to realize complementary missions at some common clients's, especially in the field of the setting-up of complete systems of technical information, combining CAD (Computer-Aided Design), simulation, exchange and management of technical data, by using the standards Internet and Java and also the design of loaded, reliable and impressive softwares, Eric Bantégnie (Simulog's CEO) declares. So we have had time to know and to appreciate one another. When Simulog thought about its external growth, Espri Concept appeared as the ideal ally. 'At espri Concept, André Labat - Chief Executive Officer of the new group Simulog - wanted to call on venture-capital. ' Simulog allowed to have a great deal of venture-capital, he says (CDC Innovation, Thomson-CSF Ventures, INRIA, Financière de Brienne-groupe DGA, etc.).We could by that method get some venture-capital faster. On the other hand, simulog set up an impressive commercial structure, because we needed such a structure. Moreover, our activities are very complementary. Simulog deals with simulation, which is quite close to clients ; and Espri Concept deals with technical figures management. Both knowledges complete one another and we are working for the same clients. 'Thanks to the 70 people who are working in Sophia, Simulog Version 2 is a company that will be very present on the CESF market. Eric Bantégnie, the Chief Executive Officer, declared that he wanted to recruit about 50 engineers in order to reinforce its teams like those of Sophia, Toulouse and Paris. Moreover he will invest 20 million francs (3.05 million Euros) into equipment. His next objective is to enter the New Market of the Paris Stock Exchange, by the year 2001.

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