Sophia: the software validation

Posté mer 21/11/2001 - 00:00
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The TVA of the SII company is the "Tierce Validation Applicative". This new service offer, theme of the information workshop organised at the "Maison des entreprises" in Sophia Antipolis (within the premises of the Ceram) on Thursday November 22nd 2001, from 9.00 AM to 11.00 AM, aims at ensuring the conformity of a software. Didier Jumeau, in charge of TVA at SII Sophia and who is also Project Manager at "Validation P-Unit Schneider" as well as Serge Bonnaud, who is in charge of "Produit RATIONAL" will present the stakes and the particularities of the TVA.Facing the growing stakes linked to the software development (cost, complexity, size of teams and projects, business strategy, etc….), the software validation became nowadays a critical step. Thanks to the experience on big test projects and thanks to " Tierce Validation Applicative"; the SII company offers to study with companies the problems and the process to set up an external validation project.Contact : Tel : 04 93 95 45 12 – Fax : 04 93 95 45 58; E-mail :

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