Sophia: the stakes of the Project Management Office

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Year 2000, mergers-acquisitions, e-commerce: the multiplication of complicated projects in companies have made the PMO structures of support necessary. The explanations will be given at the PMI forum on March 15th.

Does the Project Management Office (PMO) make additional costs or does it bring a real added value? : this subject will be dealt with during the PMI Forum (Project Management Institute) which will take place on Thursday March 15th at 8.30 in the premises of the ESINSA of Sophia Antipolis. This meeting is opened to all, members and non-members of PMI France Sud.This subject, the PMO is in the current events. Year 2000, euro, mergers-takeovers, e-commerce, the recent examples are here to prove that beyond a necessary project management, the 90s were the years of the multiplication of cross-disciplinary, general and complicated projects within companies. They lead to the emergence of support structures called 'Project Management Office' (PMO), either within functional managements or the company itself.A recent study shows that by 2004, organizations which won't succeed to institutionalize a real PMO will face 50% of project failures. The PMO, a real strategic weapon for the company, has a leading role as an expertise Centre in Project Management nowadays. It applies both in the running of the change as in the application of tools and methods as well as in the training and development of project planners.The aim of this forum is to show these different axes as well as the stakes of the organization for the setting up of a Project Office, with the participation and the accounts of contributors from Gemplus, Compaq, NCR, VDO Car Communication, Sema…as well as the presentation of the PMO training program conducted by the ESI organization (Enterprise Project Management) and the show of a Tool with a EPM type (Enterprise Project Management), PMOffice, from the Canadian editor, SystemCorp. The speeches will be partly in French and English according to the contributors.ContactFor registration, one address only: /">

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