Sophia Start-up : aids for technology transfers

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Georges-Yves Kervem, the director of the national comity of evaluation for research, among the contributors of the 18th meeting of the Sophia Club, on Monday June 11th, 6.00 pm, at Compaq.

Aids for technology transfer : this will be one of the main theme of the 18th meeting of the Sophia Start-Up Club which will take place on Monday June 11th 2001 from 6.00 pm at Commtime, Compaq (950, Route des Colles in Sophia Antipolis). Georges-Yves Kerven , the director of the national comity of evaluation for research, one of the guest of this evening, will present the survey conducted in order to evaluate the efficiency of aids for ANVAR and CRITT technology transfer.The program of this evening, opened by Marc Padovani, who represents the manager of the Compaq site, is to focus on current events at the club. The FIF 2002 Commtime's project will be revealed by its CEO, Michel Del Giudice. Laurent Bardin, the president of the "Technologies sans frontières" Association will talk about "South African Net", with the projection of Canal + report which is dedicated to it. Manuel Bloch, the director of "La Recherche pharmaceutique" (pharmaceutical research) will mention his projects. The success story of the month will be the one of Opt(e)way and told by Christian Lefort, the manager.An "investor" part at the program will be conducted by the Fonds régional Primaveris (Jean-Pierre Albanese, the president) and the Booz Allen cabinet (Eric Pelletier, the vice-president of "Les 100 start-up du net". Then, there will presentations of start-ups and associations. In the batch of the 18th meeting : Certimate (secured exchanges on Internet), an Eurécom Institute's spin-off founded and represented by Philippe Dubois, the president; Integral Trust (secured payment) represented by Philippe Agnelli, the president; Linux Azur (association of Linux users on the french riviera) with Fabien Germain, the president; the EDHEC with Eric Cauvin, a professor of accountancy and management who will talk about the evaluation of financial and non-monetary performances in start-ups.ContactRegistration by mail :

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