Sophia Start-up : the Club of fast-growth companies

Posté mar 28/03/2000 - 00:00
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The 'Club of fast-growth companies', launched under the aegis of Pierre Laffitte, has become Sophia Start Up. The entrepreneurs come there and meet each other to share their experience.

The club Sophia Start Up was created by Pierre Laffitte, the Alpes Maritimes Senator, in last December. Its aim is to answer the need of the firms that is to meet each other, to share networks of relationships, of material and immaterial support and to exchange information.Hence the idea to meet on each second (working) Monday of the month at It deals with informal meetings with participants who are outside the stock, and who bring experience and services, but also with meetings with local firms that tell their success or their need in services or financing. Company managers, venture capitalists, national senior officials, or European consultants are invited…Friendly contacts, exchange of business cards and of information, financial, legal and technological advice, and networking of skills are on the programme of the Club's meetings. More than 150 people attended the latest meetings.Soon, the Club will organize evening demonstrations that allow the different companies, that are members, to show their ability and their know-how.Moreover, Sophia Start Up plans to develop partnerships with other European clubs, such as the club that will be created in Munich, and initiated by FAST, and the Sophia meeting :on Monday, April 10th, 2000, at, at Sun City Café, 230 Route des Dolines, in Sophia Antipolis.Contact :Annie Ovigny – ovigny@sophia-antipolis.orgTel : 04 93 65 28 14 – Fax : 04 92 96 00 87

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