Sophia : Start-up Connexion is to be launched

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Founded by a former partner of Ernst &Young, this new company of start-up monitoring announces a new stage of the movement of business creation on the French Riviera.

With Start-up Connexion that will be launched on Tuesday March 21st, at 17.30, in the CICA of Sophia Antipolis, this is a new generation of start-up that comes up on the technopole. Created by an expert in this sector (Jacques Tassi, the former partner of Ernst& Young), the company arises as 'a growth booster of the start-ups', and it is going to work in partnership with Cicom Organisation, the firm that manages the CICA, the International Centre of Advanced Communication; the CICA is the incubator of most of the star-ups on the French Riviera.The crucial steps of development are overWhat is the 'philosophy' that led to the creation of this kind of new companies ? It is sum up in a release : 'the monitoring of the start-ups in the sector of Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies (ICST), implies a methodology of approach and of specific monitoring with main criteria : to work quickly, to have a great ambition, to create a team and to establish bonds around a plan. All those criteria of success on a market that has become global, need a strong reactivity and the integration of strategic resources in order to guarantee a strong growth (from the concept to the floatation).This is the strategic support Jacques Tassi plans to provide. He is a former partner of Ernst & Young Entrepreneurs, and he has applied to himself his own theories as for the business creation. He launched out into the venture with an other professional of start-up monitoring, Christophe Rivé, who is also a former employee of Ernst & Young. So, the aim of Start-up Connexion is to provide what creators miss when they start : strategic vision, money , human resources. Fees are not asked but in exchange for this active partnership, Start-up Connexion plans to belong to the founding shareholders, and as the release says to be ready to go together, through the crucial stages of development, and especially through the takings up of funds.A partnership with Cicom OrganisationTo reinforce this move, Start-up Connexion initiates a partnership strategy with the main French technopoles that are specialized in ICST (Montpellier, Marseilles, Lyon, Nantes, Lille and Paris), and especially today, in Sophia Antipolis, with Cicom Organisation, the manager of the International Centre of Advanced Communication (CICA). The First European Centre of Enterprise and Innovation (ECEI) in the Alpes Maritimes, (a great colloquium about the ECEI will take place on March 30th and 31st, in the CICA), Cicom Organisation offers original accompanying measures favouring the start-up development, in the scope of its European mission. And it is in the common idea of start-up monitoring that both companies decided to be partners in order to reinforce their respective mission.ContactsCentre International de Communication Avancée (CICA),2229, route des crêtes,06560 Valbonne Sophia Antipolis.To register, please send an e-mail to : thibault@cica.frStart-up Connexion Website : www.startupconnexion.E-mail : contact@startupconnexion.comTel : 04 91 23 66 70

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