Sophia Start-up : free admissions now

Posté mer 17/01/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The Sophia Start-up society, close to the Sophia Antipolis Foundation, eventually preferred to abandon the principle of an admission fee for members. Around 2.000 francs per year, the fee seemed to be too expensive for the project holders and the people in charge of start-ups. Only around ten people subscribe to it. Of course, president Dominique Pouliquen has specified that these subscribers will be paid back. The club, which has assessed this year of existence during the first meeting of the year, will keep on organizing these monthly appointments that will be financed with the sponsoring. Other scheduled financing sources : the organization of specific appointments with start-ups for investors and of breakfasts for the presentation of big groups. ' We delete the notion of membership fee, but we keep the necessity to register', Dominique Pouliquen said. This time the admission will be free.

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