Sophia Start-up : the long way of the fund raising

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Start-ups which have just succeeded their fund raising and specialists in finance will come to discuss at the club of Sophia for its 17th meeting on Monday May 14th at 6.00 PM at the C.I.V.

The long way of the fund raising: it is the main theme of the 17th meeting of the Club Sophia Start Up. This meeting will take place on Monday May 14th 2001 from 6.00 PM at the C.I.V. (International Centre of Valbonne), "Les Bouillides", 190 rue Fréderic Mistral in Sophia Antipolis. This drive to get financing, first matter which concerns high growth young companies will be dealt through testimonies of start-ups which have just succeeded in raising funds and through points of view of specialists in finance. Three representatives of the start-up movement of Sophia, Dominique Pouliquen (Realviz), Michel del Giudice (Commtime Cast) and Jean François Carrasco (Viviance) will run the session.Several contributors will discuss the different features of a way which has become particularly difficult since the beginning of the e-krach. Dominique Pouliquen, Realviz’s CEO will launch on the subject and will comment surveys carried out by the Club and the Ceram on fund raisings conducted these last months at Sophia Antipolis with Michel Bernascono, teacher at the Ceram and in charge of the high tech entrepreneurial chair.Guy Varache, CEO, and Pierre François Filet of Finance Technology (former Global Concept Finance) will deal with the starting fund raising. The evaluation problems of a start-up and its development perspectives will be discussed by Pierre Taillardat, president of Sophia Euro Lab, Charles Nettlefold of Global Head of Private Equity Placement and P.H. François, Associate, Private Equity Placement, BNP Parisbas. Mr Patrice Poyac, from the Fidal office will intervene in the negotiation and the shareholder’s agreement, another important and dangerous step. Didier Poulmaire, of Gide Loyrette Nouel will say how to prepare the listing on the stock exchange of a start-up.During the evening, the news of the club will also be reviewed: return of the club’s mission in Tunis; creation of a Franco Indian club in Sophia; preparation of a business mission in Bavaria; memorandum of agreement signed by the Foundation of Sophia Antipolis with the Brazilian park of Petropolis; survey on the licensing of software launched by the senator Pierre Laffitte. You will have at the end a presentation of a start-up, according to the tradition: Vianice of Gilles d’Elia, for the Viasophia portal; Smart fusion of Jean-Claude Dupuy; CADM of Olivier Queutelot; Trendium of Claude Hary and Brouk Négousse of To participate, please confirm of your presence at For information: Annie Ovigny, delegate of the Club Sophia Start Up; Tel : 04 93 65 28 14. See the website of

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