Sophia Start-up: the new economy on the French Riviera

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The main events of the next meeting of the club, on October 8th at the Novotel in Sophia: the presence of Cambridge, of Naples, the presentation of the Neurelec projects and of successful start-ups.

The 21st meeting of the Sophia Start-up Club will take place at the Novotel (Les Lucioles – 290, Dostoïevski street in Sophia Antipolis, near the Ceram) on Monday October 8th 2001, from 6.00pm. This monthly meeting will review activities of the association, presentations of new contributors in the world of start-ups, as well as new projects and new companies.Anne Lichtenberg from the DPCT (Direction des Pôles de Compétences Technologiques; management of technological competences poles, an organization which depends on the CCI), will present the main lines of the next international summit of capital-risk in Sophia Antipolis (December 3rd and 4th at the CICA in Sophia Antipolis). Pierre Laffitte will reviews the French Tech Tour as well as the visit of the Pétropolis Brazilian delegation, which has come to a breakfast of the meeting of companies from the French Riviera at the Sophia Antipolis Foundation. The founder of the research park will also announce the colloquium “Innovation structures and partnership in Germany” (Monday November 12th).The program has been broadened with presentations and is largely opened to the international. Here is the program of this event:- Cambridge Gateway Fund (Alan Barrel)- Naples, Fondazione Idis Città delle Scienza (Vittorio Silvestrini)- Neurelec project (professor Rabishong of the CHU Montpellier, Paul Martel- Anvar, Maresilles with Beranard Santini, regional delegate- Laureates of the contest 2001: (Marco Marinucci), PC Away (Remy Tereszkiewicz), LV Procom (Guy Coulanion), laureate on the contest 2001 in the “Emergence” category, a website deidicated to visual defectives.- Syntec Croissance (Franck Populaire)- Virnet (Jean-Pierre Gaudet)- Concept équilibre détente (Emmanuelle Reille)ContactFree entrance. Registrations on the website

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