A Sophia start-up rewarded in the exhibition Capital IT

Posté mar 07/12/1999 - 00:00
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One thing is sure : the start-ups settled in Sophia bring them out. Thus, in the exhibition Capital IT, which took place in Paris on the 26th and 27th of October, the prize for the most innovating plan was won by e-acute. E-acute is a new firm which was settled in the CICA (International Center of Advanced Communication), in Sophia Antipolis one or two months ago. It was co-founded by Tim Scanlan and David Buckle who finalized a revolutionary system of writing and data capture adapted to small electronic appliances. Octave, which is the name given to their clever entrance system, is able to capture letters, numerals, punctuation and special characters. Moreover, it is universal. A prize all the more interesting for e-acute since the start-up was competing with some 40 other european start-ups plans in the field of the NTIC.Two other prizes were won. One by Reef, for its in line softwares of documents dynamic publishing (prize of the best presentation), and the second by Clust.com for its group buying site (prize of the strongest expansion potential).Another company in the CICA was also selected for this Paris summit about venture capital. It was 7ways, a start-up specialized in cyber business centers. We must notice that another Sophia start-up called Dust Restauration wan unanimously last June the prize Tremplin launched by the French Senate (this prize rewards growth firms).

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