Sophia: a Storage technologies Forum at Amadeus

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The leader of air reservations is organising a meeting with several large regional companies on Tuesday October 16th, 10.00 am, around the "storage" theme.

Amadeus Sophia Antipolis is organising its second Storage Technologies Forum in its premises, on Tuesday October 16th, from 10.00 am to 3.30 pm. Amadeus, the world leader company in air reservations (1.500 collaborators for the development and the product marketing in the research park, is organising this event in partnership with the companies StorageTek, Synstar and Euralliance. The Forum aims at setting a dialogue, in an informal atmosphere, between the representatives of several large regional companies, at allowing them to exchange their knowledge and at taking advantage of experiences of everyone as far as "storage" is concerned and more particularly Storage Area Network (SAN).For this second edition, Amadeus Sophia Antipolis can rely on the presence of the following companies: Groupama, SNCM, Société Marseillaise de Crédit, SPIN, Caisse d'Allocations Familiales (VAR), APHM, STMicroelectonics, GEMPLUS, Eurocopter, Nortel, Air France, etc.

Forum program- 10.00 am:

Introduction, presentation of contributors and of the agenda- 10.15 am: Presentation of the Amadeus company- 10.30 am: "Setting up of a centralised saving solution":- for Unix and NT (NetBackup DataCenter) servers on a SAN saving- for workstations (NetBackup Professional)This first part will conducted by Amadeus and Synstar.- 11.20 am: "Storage consolidation":- Setting up of a SAN for the growth management- Centralised storage solutionThis second session will be conducted by Amadeus and Storage Tek.- 12.10 am: "the Future", this session will deal with the description of Amadeus reflections in terms of:- Storage virtualisation- Data hierarchy- NAS storage- Clustering- Activity plans (PRA-DRP)- The beginning of the afternoon will be dedicated to the testimony of two international companies which will present their own SAN projects: Nortel Networks for the theme "externalised workstations data backup"; Gemplus for the setting up of a clustering service and saving of workstations in virtual architecture.

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