Sophia: Techlink, two years old and 40 employees

Posté mer 28/06/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

The start-up was born at the CICA in Sophia Antipolis with only one employee and has now 40 employees, the firm celebrated its two years of existence in the technopole on June 22nd. Techlink S.A. is a specialist in the Internet, Intranet and Extranet and develops its marketing and communication activities based on new technologies, throughout the PACA region and abroad. The firms is sure that its important growth is principally due to its very impressive employees coming from more than 8 countries who assure a real cultural and professional exchange.Techlink S.A. plans to continue its growth by recruiting during the year 2000 engineers in development and experimented project managers. The firm will launch in summer a 'quality' software called T.DocLink which allows to manage different processes like writing, checking, approval and publication of documents by the electronic way. The software takes in account the documentary requirements of the ISO 9000 norm, and it also respects the requirements of the other quality systems of reference like the Malcolm Baldridge Award, the Deming prize and the European Quality Award.

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