Sophia : welcome to the Amadeus Campus

Posté ven 27/04/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The inauguration of the tunnel which will now link the two Amadeus sites separated by the road of the Pin Montard, in Sophia Antipolis, will be an excuse for the general executive, Jacques Lignières, to launch a new concept on May 3rd at 11.30: the concept of Amadeus Campus. The GDS (Global Distribution Services) faced an exceptional growth during the last few years, to become the largest company of the research park with 1 400 people. Important construction works were undertaken in order to gather the employees of the company at Sophia Antipolis. The tunnel, which goes under the road, will then link the main site and the one of the Triades with three buildings at the end of their construction. At the end of the year, Amadeus will be able to gather the overall of Sophia forces.

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