Sophia : the whole Sema Group in the Millenium

Posté lun 26/02/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

With just a little delay (it was scheduled to move late January), Sema Group are now in their building. They have gathered together the three divisions in Sophia-Antipolis, which were scattered around the research park, in their new building The Millenium (3.500 m2), route des Dollines. The removal ended last weekend. The franco-british company, which has been taken over recently by the franco-american Schlumberger, is composed of around three hundred people on the site of Sophia. They are divided in three divisions : Sema Group Telecoms (at the Algorythmes in the past), the Organic division dedicated to the social security and the old age pension scheme for non wage-earners from industry and trade and the Web Tech division (located at the CICA), specialised in e-business plat-forms.In Sophia, as soon as premises are available, they are immediately re-occupied. In the CICA, the two third of 600 m2 left by Sema are now occupied by Castify Networks, the start-up coming from Eurécom which has just risen funds and which is hiring in order to rise in popularity. The one thrid which left has been taken by the Eurécom Institute.

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