Sophia will not have its system of cars in self-service

Posté mar 04/07/2000 - 00:00
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Finally, the plan to set up the 'Praxitèle' service on the technopole was postponed because of the low performances of the electric cars on motorways.

However, the project seemed to make good progress. At the end of last year, the transport subsidiary of Vivendi had planned to set up 'Praxitèle' on the technopole. It is a service of electric cars in self-service, tested in Saint-Quentin-les-Yvelynes. For the technopole, it dealt with overcoming poor public transport and very-high costs of cabs, especially between the airport and Sophia. In early 2000, talks went on with the elected representatives who were concerned and with the institution representatives. The aim was to make the system operational before the end of June.However, it was not possible. While all the elected representatives had shown they were interested, Renault, which was expected to provide the cars, finally gave up. It seemed the obstacle was rather a 'psychological' one. There is a stretch of motorway to take between the airport and Sophia. The manufacturer considered the performances of his electric cars were not sufficient on motorways (they do not go over 110km/h), and it would be almost a counter advertising for him. That is why he gave up, while an electric model with higher performances is still expected to be built.However, the STGA, the union in charge of public transport in Sophia, expects to make the situation better, setting up a shuttle system that allows to go from one point to an other on the technopole, at the start of term after the summer holidays. At the end of the year, in addition to the Ceram IUT link, a coach should be meant to be for the Ceram students between Sophia and the Antibes station.

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