Sophia : 'workplace of the future' is announced

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The demonstration platform of European RTD programs which is settled in the SAEM rooms, will be like a window for the technopole innovating firms.

The SAEM and the Symisa opened in the SAEM rooms a great window for European RTD programs directed in the technopole. During the official presentation of the workplace of the future, several research projects directed with the European Community were shown as examples.Have a look over experimentationsThis work platform of the future can be described as a great number of computers with their screens. That's on these PCs, linked to the Net with the ADSL, that sophipolitan firms will be allowed to make a presentation of their experimentations to a professional audience made of French or foreign people. At this occasion, Alain Vellard France Telecom regional manager, launched the Netissimo 2 offer for a quick access to the Internet (1 megabits at the reception) in Sophia Antipolis. This offer is based on ADSL technologies. Actually, the technopole, Nice and a part of Cannes could benefit of those technologies in priority.The concept of this workplace is not easy to understand. Philippe Dubois, the responsible for research valorization in Eurecom Institute explains the concept was gathering together three elements. 1 : server were data could be stocked. 2 : networks that used to translate information. 3 : applications or experimentations which could be seen on the spot. The interesting point of the platform is its power and the ability to integrate all the experimentations which need picture or video.A innovating video serverOne of the main technical elements depends on Galaxy video server that was perfected by Eurecom Institute specialized in network engineers training. Galaxy makes video on demand. The principle is easy Jamel Gafsi a Eurecom searchers explains : rather than stocking a video on one PC hard disc, the video is cut out in packages scattered among several PCs. The software perfected by searchers permits to watch a movie normally.With basic PCs linked together, it is possible to distribute video movies when there is a request, or to launched sessions of interactive 'tutorat'. Two computers allowed to provide 197 clients at the same time during a test in Rennes (France) with France Telecom.On line experimentationsOther experimentations could be seen on the workplace of the future. For image, watermarking perfected by an Eurecom searcher-teacher named Jean-Luc Dugelay (the invention resists to 'cracking' and marks in an invisible way the pictures which go on the web) That is also the case for auctions site which can be received on PC or cellular phones. This site was achieved by Serge Miranda's MBDS.And for Gnostikos programs that integrate electronic payment tools of Atos with those of tele teaching of IBM DSL. Without forgetting all the European programs which are coming (see on /"> www.sophia.antipolis.netall the European programs Michel Frenkiel presented). For all those high technologies, Sophia is one of the kings…

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