Sophia: your attention please, savage laying off

Posté jeu 02/11/2000 - 00:00
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According to his own experience, the manager of a high tech company warned the Sophipolitan companies against disgusting behaviors of some recruitment firms

I understand that job market is under pressure but call a company with a false reason to have names of engineers and after come and take them out of the company to hire them somewhere else, it is beyond what is tolerable!The manager of a small consulting firm (6 employees) in Sophia Antipolis is angry.Direct laying off in the firmThe facts? They occurred in mid-October. A call arrived in the company. 'A man, speaking in English and telling he was representing the company 'Green Distribution', declared his company wanted to distribute freely booklets about networks,a manager who desired remaining anonymous declared. The man asked to the secretary names of engineers working in the network sector in order to justify the number of booklets to send. It is obvious that a secretary could give easily the names of the engineers she knows, all the more the person who called could only speak in English and said he was paid according to the booklets sent with a name on.'Actually it is a British firm of recruitment. One week later, the firm calls again and asks to speak to an engineer whose name had been given. Then the British firm proposes to the engineer a job after a interview on his technical skills. In our case, it was for a job in Sophia Antipolis in a big firm dealing with networks. The recruiter asked for other names of people who could fit the job profile. Moreover, the salaries seemed to be not really realist compared with the job proposed: 300 or 400,000 FF for a study engineer. We are a small firm and we discuss between each other. And I knew what the British recruitment firm was actually. It is 'Paradigme Associates' in Great Britain. I called it. I asked to speak to the manager. He apologized. But some time later, one of our engineers received a confidential mail, to propose him a job. Ok, the situation today is not easy, but some rules must be respected. I would like, according to my own experience warned the Sophipolitan companies against those savage recruitment methods based on direct contact with people inside their own companies, because for small companies this kind of action can be mortal.

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