: the «top ten» of the year 2000

Posté mar 02/01/2001 - 00:00
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Which articles were the most popular on ? (figures taken on December 25th 2000). The answer in this «top ten» 2000, getting from 3.000 readers for the first article to 1.000 for the tenth one.1 : «, start-up»2 : «High tech jobs : the shortage is on the way»3 : «Fabrice Grinda is pushing up the bidding»4 : «E-Monaco is spreading on the Net»5 : «La Gaude : IBM is recruiting for its new R&D centre»6 : «Sophia : ads on sugar lumps wrapping for recruitment»7 : «Sophia : a matter of urgency on the property market»8 : «Sophia : OSI is recruiting again»9 : «Viviance is recruiting»10 : «The numerous start-ups of Sophia at Sophia Forum»This list of the most popular articles obviously favours the articles published at the beginning of the year and that could stay on-line longer than the articles recently published. For the last three months, the three articles the most read (between 900 and 900 articles consulted) are : «Massive plan of E-recruiting for the Telecom Valley»; «The fight of the CICA has started»and ex aequo «A great bilingual dictionnary on-line»and ' ' : the e-pub is starting.

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