Space : two launchings for Alcatel Cannes

Posté mer 14/03/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Two satellites of Alcatel Cannes in Cannes ready for the big travel in space. On Friday, in Kourou, must be launched Hélios 1B, a military observation satellite whose characteristics are obviously top secret. Hélios 1B is an assistance satellite which is going to substitute, in case of failure, Hélios 1A which is already into orbit. Its particularity is to be equipped of the most powerful telescope, the most sensible one ever created. A telescope which has been realized in Cannes (a special building was needed for that) and which gives images with a 1 meter resolution !The second launching is the one of the spanish telecommunication satellite Hispasat, a satellite which has left Nice by the airs during Thursday to Friday's night. Such a departure must not have gone unnoticed in the neighbourhood : the Antonov, the only airplane able to transport such a big vehicle, is also the most noisy airplane in the world ! Hispasat, which has been built in 23 months by Alcatel Space's engineers should be launched at Cap Kennedy next February 3rd.

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