Start-up: ActiVia Networks associates with CacheFlow

Posté lun 09/07/2001 - 00:00
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The Constellation solution allows to increase the performances of CacheFlow cache servers thanks to the intelligence of the Content ActiVia A*Star Router.

It is a new big step in its strategy of union for ActiVia Networks, the start-up coming from the INRIA Sophia. This company, which provides global delivery solutions of Internet Content announced an agreement concluded with CacheFlow Inc, the leader of intelligent infrastructures for the delivery of Internet content. Both guaranteed the CDN ActiVia Constellation solution for the overall of the range of CacheFlow content accelerators. ActiVia A*Star content routers will then be associated with CacheFlow cache servers.According to ActiVia and CacheFlow, the aim is to answer at best the growing needs of their clients, network operators and big companies, concerned to implement and operate their own intelligent delivery infrastructure of Internet content (CDN-Content Delivery Networks).Ensure the implementing of a complete CDNCacheFlow is the leader of intelligent infrastructures for content delivery on Internet. Thanks to its equipment and software offer, companies, access providers and content providers on Internet can deliver the best content at the best place and time. Located at Sunnyvale, in California, CacheFlow is available on the French market since October 1999 and among its clients, there are most of operators and big French groups (9 Telecom, Colt, Easynet, NTL, Siris, AFP, Aucland, LibertySurf, LVMH, Michelin…).The association of the ActiVia Constellation solution based on the A*Star content router and the range of CacheFlow cache servers cover all necessary aspects to the implementing of a complete CDN. It includes a cache system of a high performance supporting web contents, SSL FTP and stream; a routing system covering the re-direction function –allowing to associate each user to its optimal trace point – and the unique function of internal routing –allowing to interconnect in a coherent way all caches and then, to increase their power; a complete management system answering the management problems of the CDN but also contents.Increased performances of cache serversIn order to satisfy the needs of our clients in terms of CDN, we thought it was pertinent to collaborate with a partner able to optimize the most complicated network topologies, operators and large companies, explains Bruno Dambrun, Manager of CacheFlow France and Southern Europe. Our choice was to opt out for the technology of ActiVia Networks, the specialist in routing solutions of advanced contents, which increase performances of our cache servers in this context. This association then allows to get the best CDN offer on the market for the most demanding clients.”According to Frank Lyonnet, Manager of the AciVia Networks Strategy, “In terms of content routing, the ActiVia solutions represent the highest performance available on the market of CDN technologies. In the principle of our strategy, we needed a partner able to present the same ambition for the caching part of our offer. CacheFlow, which is a recognized specialist of the cache, represents the first partner to make a global CDN solution of a new generation which level of efficiency represents the tomorrow’s standard. “

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