Start-up: To Luna didn't raise funds in Sophia?

Posté ven 16/03/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

It isn't easy to find funds in this period of e-krach. To Luna, a start-up present at the last international summit of venture capital in Sophia Antipolis faced this problem to its own costs. Through lack of raising 15 to 20 million francs they were looking for, it faced liquidation at the beginning of the year. Specialized in on-line studies and relational marketing solutions at the service of advertisers, it set up in January 2000. It already got two fund raisings: 1 million francs in March 2000 and then, 6 million francs in June 2000.The third step couldn't be reached. However, the start-up won't die entirely. The competitor, Consuvote, bought out to the liquidator the base of the 30 000 'guarantors' of To Luna (this base makes it possible to create samples of Internet consumers in charge of testing products). Moreover, the name of the brand will be kept. Consovute is the last one on the niche of customers' opinions in France, a European market covered by Dooyoo and Ciao at the moment, two German companies

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