Start-up : the Sentier organizes itself as the Italian districts

Posté mer 10/01/2001 - 00:00
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A real great initiative from the start-ups of the Sentier in Paris; an initiative presented in an article of La Tribunedu 8 janvier 2001 dans l'article /"> Des start-up du Sentier s'unissent dans un système productif local'. Thus, about forty start-ups have created a new structure, a SPL (Système productif local, a local productive system, LPS) which acts as an interlocutor with the authorities and which organizes synergies between the five hundred start-ups of the area. They did it as the 'Italian districts' which allow some SME that have been put together to checkmate multinational companies.It is explained that ' start-ups have done several things in order to try to meet general allowance demands, at a time when the new technologic market was still little structured. That's something of the past. Today, nobody would be well advised to try to insure the reference listing, the consulting, the sale, the content analysis. Each has to be incited to focus on the niche where he is the most efficient.'Encouraged by the DATAR, the LPS favours the groupings within the context of a call for tenders for instance. As well it plays ' the traditional role dedicated to every SME grouping : access to the working formation, technology watch, communication operation, possible bulk purchases, etc.'. That's an idea to develop in Sophia.

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