Start-up@Riviera: develop a start-up

Posté mar 03/10/2000 - 00:00
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How to develop an internet start-up? This is a problem all the young firms which were created in that field encounter. To find solutions, Start-up@Riviera, which will take place on Thursday, Oct. 5th at 7:00 pm at Sun City, has elected that topic for the meeting. Three contributors (2 investors and a firm manager) will tell their own experience: Alain Bénisty, Sudinnova director; Dominique Martini, Pittori-Conseils director; Jean-Claude Vrignaud, opt(e)way CEO and co-founder.The meeting, organized by Up-e, will take place at the same time in Paris, at Club Confair. The same theme will be debated with as contributors: Alain Faivre-Dupaigre, Intel Corp. e-business sales manager; Xavier Lazarus, in charge of investments at Bank CPR; Thuyly Lê, Toluna CEO and co-founder; Philippe Sidommo, partnerships director and Double Trade co-founder.Contacts:Register yourself on site:

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