Start-up@Riviera : the end of 'first-Thursdays'?

Posté mer 13/12/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

It was one of the most important meetings of the French Riviera's new economy a year ago. Start-up@Riviera was gathering project designers and invertors every first Thursday of the month along a round table followed by a very convivial cocktail. In December, the meeting wasn't on. The organizor of this 'first Thursday' of Sophia, the company Up-e, was questioned and answered that it was only postponed, and they will do their best to reschedule this meeting from January.However, Up-e has other matters to deal with at the moment. This online start-up stock market is facing hard times since April as well as the mini-crash of the economy. Up-e, which had benefited from a great media coverage hasn't made the least profit. Hence the questioning on the validity of its economic model .On the other hand, the company had to dismiss employees (there is now 6 positions instead of 9 a few months ago) and to redefine its strategy on the mergers-acquisitions, creating Up-merger. Its main concern is now to have a turnover to survive, like the 'traditional economy', even if it's going to give up 'voluntary work' of 'first Thursdays' for a while…

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