Start-up@Riviera will resume on Thursday

Posté mer 06/09/2000 - 00:00
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Start-up@Riviera will resume on Sept 7th at 7pm , at Sun City in Sophia Antipolis, the rhythm of its monthly meetings. Those meetings allow to gather together projects' bearers, managers and investors around a singular topic. For the first meeting of September the theme chosen is: 'Succeed in the share-holders pact, how to chose the partners'.Two start-ups have been invited to take part in the debate:, (European gate of firms' current purchases) and Castify, which is another Sophipolitan firm which settled a system which allows to revolutionize the broadcasting of audiovisual contents. The debate will receive a third participant: an investor Alain Benisty, the Sudinnova manager (an investment firm specialized in innovating firms). Sudinnova has invested in ASK, a sophipolitan firm which designs chips' cards.Up-e, the organizer of Start-up@Riviera meetings also organizes at the same time a meeting in Paris with the same theme at Club-Confair, 9th district.ContactRegister yourself on and know how to come to Sun City (a map and the exact address will be at your disposal)

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