The start-ups of Sophia in strength at Sophia Forum

Posté mer 11/04/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The start-ups came in strength last week at the Sophia Forum. This second forum for employment, organised by the schools of the research park was dedicated to make the link between companies seeking competences and students who were looking for a job. Near the big groups such as Alten, Altran, SII, Amadeus, Sagem, Nortel Network, IBM and others, the young companies of Sophia had a room only for them (the DPCT, Management of technological competences poles, was in charge of the organization for their coming). This initiative is all the more interesting that last year, it was start-ups which encouraged employment on the scientific park.A complete list of new growth companies were then represented: 8x8 (ex-Odiséi, the first success story of Sophia; ASK, leader chip cards with no contact; Etexx, the big virtual textile market; Infobjects, the database wizard, Online global service, a company created by the formers of the ESSI and which has the ambition to become the leader in the electronic business; Right Vision, European leader in Internet appliances; WWWhoosh Europe, the Web accelerator; Metrix, the networks administrator and Avisto, specialist in tele-management for telecommunication equipments.

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