Stock Exchange : Gemplus goes public at 6 euros

Posté ven 08/12/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

Gemplus shares are going to go public today on Friday December 8th 2000 on the stock exchange in Paris at a price of 6 euros (operation which has been delayed on monday). Because of current incertitudes of stock exchange markets (particularly the decrease of the Nasdaq in which the group in the same time as in Paris), in the beginning of the week, the chip world leader had been compeled to decrease by more than 25% its range of introduction from 7,25-8,25 euros to 5,75-6,25 euros and to delay the introduction of two days. Finally it’s the middle of the range that has been selected. The guaranteed maket index investment (64,5 million shares) has been subscribed 6,4 times by institutional investors while the money-off offer (7,2 million euros) has been subscribed only two times by individuals.

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