Stock exchange: the Swissair share looses 97% in the opening !

Posté mer 03/10/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

This is a deeply stock exchange fall. It results from an unprecedented event that has hit a former national airline company. This morning, Wednesday, after Swissair’s planes haven’t been allowed to fly on the eve, stock exchange transactions have been disastrous. After two suspension days in the stock exchange of Zurich, the Swissair share has completely collapsed on the quotation opening, by exchanging against 1.25 SF (41.05 SF at the closure on Friday). A collapse of 97%! Although the share has increased slightly to 3.8 SF in the end of the morning, the “crash” is now in the prices history: last January 24th, Swissair was at the summit of 262 SF…

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