Stock Exchange : what about the securities from the Riviera ?

Posté ven 22/12/2000 - 00:00
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In the stock exchange turmoil, let's have a look on companies from the French Riviera which are listed on the stock exchange. From Liberty Surf to Rodriguez Group, something to be in the doldrums or to rub one's hand…

'Black Wednesday' on the whole financial places all over the world (-7.12% for the Nasdaq, -3.23% for the CAC 40 in Paris, -6.49% on the New Market and a general decline of European Stock Exchanges). In this stock exchange turmoil, what were the results of companies from the French Riviera which are listed on the Stock Exchange. Let's have a look. Obviously there will be huge disparities.The most hit company : Liberty Surf, owner of, the start-up from the French Riviera. It has lost 18.54% in one single day, down to the lower limit of 10 euros. The share is now at a price of 7.25 euros, very far from a record of 79 euros that the company had reached during the first listing on stock exchange last March (that's not a long time ago). Liberty Surf, compared to its price of 41 euros when it was listed, is now at less 82.32%. That's a record for such a big company !The technologic securities have more or less suffered. Alcatel, a very big company of the CAC 40, very present in Cannes with Alcatel Spaces and 1.800 employees has lost 12.24% down to 59.5 euros. But the company remains greatly positive since the beginning of the year : +30.48% with a record at 97.15 euros. Gemplus, which is recently listed on the Stock Exchange, has also lost 5.98% (7.7 euros) but it remains, as well, greatly positive compared to the first listing early December 2000 (+28.3%). Amadeus, one of the main company in Sophia Antipolis with almost 1.500 salaried employees, has lost 8.74% down to 8.3 euros. Since the beginning of the year, the security has lost 44.67% and experimented a record at 17.75 euros.Other 'technologic companies', but these ones on the New Market : Soditech, listed late November 2000, has lost 3.48% down to 11.1 euros and has never gone over 13.65 euros, the price it has been listed (that is to say, for the moment, –18.68% compared to the first quoted price). Termatech ing, has benefited from an opposite tendency, as it gained 4.13% up to 23.95 euros, which is, however, not as much as the record of the year : 45 euros (-27.42% since the beginning of 2000).The pharmaceutical companies hold on. The laboratory from Carros, Arkopharma, in a completely disoriented market, even won 2.07% up to 142 euros on Wednesday. It generated a gain of 101.27% since the beginning of the year, which is, nevertheless, short of a record of 173.5 euros. But the performance is worth being underlined. The veterinary laboratory Virbac, in Carros as well, has lost 1.52% down to 81.05 euros but it is greatly positive since January 1st (+38.31%).Finally, to keep the spirits up, let's have a look on Rodriguez Group. On the niche of luxury boats, Gérard Rodriguez, the man of the stock exchange year, has great results. Even if the security, in a shaky New Market, has lost 0.80%, it is very close from its year record of 326 euros. And above all, it has won 301.12% since January 1st 2000 ! That's something to dream about !

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