Streaming: Activia Networks launches "Constellation" in London

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During the Streaming Media Europe exhibition, the start-up from Sophia Antipolis reveals its innovating Content Networking solution.

ActiVia Networks, the start-up from Sophia Antipolis stemming from the INRIA, will launch in London "Constellation", its innovating Content Networking solution. This lauching will be made during the Streaming Media Europe 2001 exhibition which is taking place from October 23rd to 25th in the British capital. With this launching, Europe steps into the "streaming" world (a steady flow audiovisual broadcasting on the Net), dominated at the moment by Americans such as Akamaï, Digital Island, Madge Web or even Inktomi.An event in the world of "streaming"As well, this launching is an event in the world of "streaming". The Activia solution relies on the main company's product, the A*Star™, a real Content Browser, as well as on "Constellation Manager", the single CDN application available at the moment on the market. As the company arouses a strong interest, Pierre Liautaud, the CEO, will reveal ActiVia's strategy as well as Constellation's characteristics on Tuesday October 23rd, 3.15 pm, during "The Brain Zone" forum."Constellation", the first real implementation of the Content Networking concept, has led to the creation of a real unified CDN architecture, highly impressive, which offers a high level of scalability and which meets efficiently the standardisation problems, its is explained in a press release of the company. Interfaced with the use of cache systems of its partners, CacheFlow and Network Appliance, "Constellation" allows at last all of the network operators to offer high added-value services while reducing their global operating cost. This innovating solution results from several R&D years conducted by the INRIA (the French national institute for research in computer science and control) in collaboration with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), whom the ActiVia team's founding members are coming from, the press release concludes.Lieven Vanstraelen, new marketing managerIn the meantime, ActiVia Networks has broadened its managing team with the nomination of Lieven Vanstraelen at the Marketing Manager position. Lieven Vanstraelen, holder of an electronic and telecommunication engineering degree from the catholic university of Leuven in Belgium (1991), was the marketing manager of Kast Telecom's broadband and wholesale branch. In the past, he has been senior manager at Hermes Europe Railtel, where he has been at the origin of the setting up of customer networks during the takeover of Ebone's European IP backbone, of the development of local access services and of the DWDM product range.Lieven Vanstraelen has also collaborated on several important projects at Belgacom, such as the company networks strategy, the specification of a new backbone and the SDH standardisation. The newcomer will be in charge of all the communication and marketing activities of the company. His mission will be to define ActiVia Networks' marketing strategy and to set up the success conditions on the market of the solution offer.

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