Strike at Air France: the Nice-Orly shuttle divided in two parts

Posté mer 10/10/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Yesterday, two minor Air France’s pilots trade unions (Alter and the SPAF) have launched a strike in order to have reinforced security measures (an immediate physical control of all of the checked baggage and freight, security control of all the staffs which have access to prohibited zones in airports). Almost half of flights between Nice and Paris-Orly have been cancelled yesterday (consequently, Air France has gathered its passengers in bigger planes and, according to the company, has been able to enplane all of the passengers). Today, Wednesday, eights flights from Nice to Orly (over eighteen flights) have been cancelled as well as ten arrivals from Orly ( you will find the detail on the new website of the airport, The same scenario as the day before (passengers gathered on bigger planes) has been set by the French company. The strike should come to an end tonight.

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